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Adenauerplatz, Berlin

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Clorindo Testa, Francisco Bullrich
Argentinian National Library
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Time to open another whole can of worms - our debut club event, aimed squarely at the dance floor.

Headlining will be our friend and rising talent Bruce, for one of his first DJ outings ahead of forthcoming releases on Hessle Audio and Dnuos Ytivil. Almost the entire Birkhouse DJ roster will be out in support. Bristol, let’s party.

Tickets, FB event

This is going to be very good so if you’re in the Bristol area you should definitely head down

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Tamachi st.#4

canon PowerShot G1X

田町駅 02/20/2014

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Movies to watch before you die: Alien (1979)

It’s got a wonderful defense mechanism. You don’t dare kill it.

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Dylan Mallett makes really good music and has a live performance that is really something to behold. You can buy his EP, if you like.
EP1 by Silver Waves


AKIRA: Panoramas

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