Moebius (Jean Giraud), Venise

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Laghi sul Lago by Fabio Bianchi 83 on Flickr.

Lakes onto the Lake

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Mostyn Gallery Llandudno, north Wales
Ellis Williams Architects

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I just got sidetracked into making a little shoegaze interlude-y thing when I should be sound designing for moving image for a job application that has to be in today

bear, take a day off,
be free of sith,
in the open air,

talk without notes,
carriage paid,
fair open competition,
open air swimming pool

get a day off,
generous, keep free,
with no hands,

liberal, prison sentence,
free ticket: set free,
expose certainly, admittedly,
yes of course,

Open air theatre,
frank arrange to be free,
undress, acquit,
leave sith to sub,
free kick, friday, on fridays voluntary

spare time, leisure pursuit,
liberal, broad-minded, generous


Abandoned radar domes at Teuflesberg, Berlin, Germany. (via)

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towering shiver
 salary,yawn…courageous gallery
nursery fermentation
step on the gas street urchin

is there? what’s up? what’s on at the cinema?
given, abate, admit defeat
that’ll soon sort itself out

object structure mountain chain

thick set, stocky patience
suitable danger at one’s own risk

once, some time, just lets suppose,
once more, not even, all at once,
once upon a time there were,
multiplication tables


Armor of an Officer of the Imperial Palace Guard, China 18th century

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Athanasius Kircher - Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae (The Great Art of Light and Shadow), 1646.

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