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PAN is excited to announce the release of Objekt’s debut album, Flatland. Written between 2012 and 2014, Flatland follows up a succession of dynamic single releases from his base in Berlin, including the recent split 12” with Dopplereffekt on Leisure System, Cactus b/w Porcupine on Hessle Audio and three 12” singles on his eponymous white label series.

Raster-Noton. Codicies (I-V)

5, 8GB sd cards of exclusive music and videos from Ryoji Ikeda, Byetone, Emptyset, Alva Noto & Frank Bretschneider in beautiful enclosures, exclusively for the “World Of Rick Owens” Rick Owens at Selfridges, London


Hans Hollein 


Beijing | China

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Yuko Murata

Staircase to the moon, 2008
Oil on board
9.5 x 13” / 24.1 x 33cm


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monome is now making a series of eurorack modules. The modules run independently (without an Aleph or computer) and if you have multiple modules, the usb cable from your grid is like a patch cable. Plug into one module, make some modifications, plug into another module, modify, etc…


Here is a side by side comparison of how The New York Times has profiled Michael Brown — an 18 year old black boy gunned down by police — and how they profiled Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. 

Source for Brown, Source for Bundy.

Character assassination much. 

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Sept. 1 3:42 pm


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A Palestinian family looks from a window to the rubble of the collapsed 15-story Basha Tower following early morning Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City on Aug. 26, 2014. (Khalil Hamra/AP)

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